FlipsideNo. 89

April/May, 1994


The history of Woodpussy

by Cake


The city of Norman, Oklahoma, is famous for being a fairly affluent educational center in the heart of a fertile farming region and is also the home of the University of Oklahoma. Norman is also the seat of Cleveland County and the city lies about twenty miles south of Oklahoma City. According to historians, Oklahoma pioneers founded Norman in 1889, but they had no fucking idea that Woodpussy would, in about a hundred and five years time, become the most sought after, senses-shattering surrealistic sex/punk/noise band of the 1990's. Now - as to how I found out about this band - let's just say that fate had a lot to do with it. Proceeding an afterschool orgy session that lasted well into the next week, Woodpussy relocated because of a religious premonition that Jason (guitar), Jen (vocals and doughnuts), Gordon (percussion and vocals), Sam (percussion), Todd (drums and inventor extraordinaire), and Shannon (percussion), had one fatefully lysergically poisoned night, Woodpussy creatively ventured forth onto the American highway system. Eventually they reached their final and distinct destination and met their soon-to-be bass player (Michel) practiced, had sex, practiced some more, had more sex, practiced even more and had even more sex and they eventually realized that they were, in actuality, a rock and roll band. At the present time, they are banned from The Coconut Teaser, Raji's, and Jabberjaw, and couldn't be happier because of it. This is Woodpussy and this is their story, and now I am completely exhausted.


Cake: What's this fascination with donuts?

Jason: Jen used to work at a major donut chain in Oklahoma when she was sixteen.

Michel: Donuts rock.

Cake: What's your favorite donut?

Gordon: It's kind of embarrassing... I like old-fashioned glazed. You know what that is, don't you? It's like a tractor tire. A really small tractor tire for little people who don't drive tractors, but I like chocolate covered chocolate just as much, you know what I'm talking about? I like the greasy filmy feeling. That kind of turns me on.

Todd: I could eat a burrito any day of the week... donuts? I like the custard ones, but not with chocolate.

Sam: I just want to say that I'm not a member N.A.M.B.L.A.

Cake: There's been rumors that you're not really from Oklahoma.

Jason: Five of us are. Four of us were born there. Todd's from Michigan but he's my cousin, whatever that means, and Michel's from Cuba.

Cake: Favorite Oklahoma bands?

Jen: Buttmen.

Jason: Drunken Disciples of the Nutty Monkey.

Sam: Flaming Lips.

Jen: Stinky Gets a Bath.

Gordon: Fatty Arbuckle and the Bottlenecks.

Jason: White Stool.

Gordon: Food Chain.

Jason: Who?

Gordon: They're a lesbian reggae band from Tulsa.

Cake: Speaking of lesbian reggae, do you guys have favorite porn stars?

All: Ourselves.

Michel: I like Ron Jeremy's fuzzy belly.

Gordon: I enjoy the young sassy badger of Tracy Lords.

Jason: Have you ever seen "Sandy and her Friend Get a Flat"?

Michel: There's this guy in North Carolina named Kenyatta, who keeps sending us videotapes of himself masturbating. I guess he thinks we're impressed. I guess we are.

Jen: What do his pants look like undone?

Todd: Who?

Gordon: Santa Monica Ken. Look he's not wearing any socks.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Shannon: Sperm bibs.

Michel: There's glazed donuts in my underpants.

Gordon: I like Ringo!

Todd: Wind-up Monkey!

Cake: Any upcoming events?

Michel: We're doing a seven inch for "Hell Yeah" that should be out in April.

Shannon: The first hundred or so will be packed with Polaroids, stickers, underwear...

Jen: We like giveaways... food, eight tracks, sex, you know that kind of thing.

Michel: We have a show April 15th, at the Hong Kong Cafe with Head, Victoria and her Big Bang Friends will be having weekly shindigs there. Should be pretty out of control.

Gordon: We're going to be on a compilation on GSL Records out of Colorado with Iowa Beef Experience and Meanface. That should be happening pretty soon.

Jason: And we're currently recording a larger scale record type thing with Scott Hackwith producing...

Cake: Isn't he in Dig?

Jason: Yeah, it sounds great so far. Still have to mix it.

Gordon: I heard Kennedy's in love with him.

Shannon: Yeah.

Cake: Why Woodpussy?

Gordon: We started the group to pull some butt and grease a few holes.

Shannon: We were having orgies one particular Easter weekend.

Jason: And taking a lot of photos.

Shannon: And decided to branch out a bit. See who we could corrupt.

Gordon: Somewhere along the way some songs were actually written, some shows were played and a good deal of it was recorded on videotape.

Jason: We plan to sell it as amateur porn as soon as we find a distributor.

Michel: Actual audio recordings are scarce due to the size of the band and the effort involved in getting everyone into a studio.

Todd: Sam is out of town a lot.

Sam: Hey! I've got business to take care of. I'm busy. I'm shy.

Cake: Didn't you guys win some kind of award?

Jason: We were voted Third Most Alternative Band in America.

Cake: What about those helmets?

Todd: I made them in my zero gravity lab.

Jen: Todd's tricky. He's an electronical genius.

Todd: I'm single and available.

Cake: Well, I'll be awaiting your single with baited breath.