Woodpussy at RAJI'S     

"by far and away the most excruciating bit o' post-Club Fuck torture, Woodpussy are aggravating art-damage the likes of which we thought croaked in 1981, when collegiates wrestled the undergroung away from rock-types.  it's back again, but this time hearty kudos are in order.  Thoroughly unlistenable, Woodpussy eschew song-form, melody and best, mock all macho-rock conventions and have been banned from the Coconut Teaszer for crimes against the good taste standards for which that room is legendary.  But Woodpussy's most impressive achievement to date is to win the tag "Third Worst Band in America" from Spin magazine.  Inasmuch as Spin is the worst magazine on the planet, i can think of no higher praise, except to add that the lord of obnoxiousness Steve Albini himself is said to regard Woodpussy as extreme.  Now, tell me you'd stay away from all that hype 'n' hoopla? 

             (Johnny angel)