Dear Editor,   

When i saw the first series of flyers advertising the band Woodpussy about campus this week, I became nervous.  I could only remember my sister, a Woodpussy groupie, when she came home >from her first Woodpussy show.  She attends concerts frequently in L.A., and Woodpussy is one of the local bands that plays there a lot, I've heard.  Anyway, I've noticed her acting weird; she recently got her nipple pierced, and she stays out late with men who arrive at the door nearly naked.  She plays loud music in her room, and i once walked in on her masturbating to a photocopy of three people having sex.    Frankly, I'm worried about the effect a band like Woodpussy would have on our conservative campus.  I feel that the lewd conduct prevalent in the Woodpussy sets is offensive to women as well as people with Christian lifestyles and values, and i would challenge the sponsors of this show, who I understand are a fraternity on this campus, to examine the potential immorality of this display.                                                                                                      -ANGELA TAORMINO      Senior, English  


MAY 10, 1994 



Dear Editor,   

If Woodpussy is lewd then life itself is lewd.  Woodpussy is bigger and deeper than rock and roll.  Woodpussy is conduct and manner emblematic of a human psychosis that runs through all of us like a rushing river, like wind through the trees of humanity.  Woodpussy is as real as hunger or politics.  Derrida says:    "The necessity 'thought' in an aesthetic judgement can only be called 'exemplary.'  It is the necessity as example of a universal rule that one cannot enuciate."    Angela Taormino's (Letters to the Editor, May 3) attempt at enunciating a prejudiced opinion of the upcoming Woodpussy show at the Barn on May 20 was not only proof that she may have been watching too much VH-1, but, indeed, a denial of the very passions that bind her to the bedpost of human thought; we are all bound, even homosexuals, and christians.  Touch your self.  Go see Woodpussy.                                                                                                     JASON MARKS    Senior, English  



Dear Editor,   

I am morally outraged at Angela Taormino's flagrant lies concerning Woodpussy in last week's issue.  Woodpussy comprises of some of the most God fearing and talented muscians I've ever had the blessing of hearing.  Not since the garden of Eden has there been a message so loving and holy of the bond between Man and the Supreme.    I would like to suggest that Ms. Taormino belongs to a group of individuals whose mission is to slander and distort the message of love and righteousness that Woodpussy truly stands for.  I decry this villianization of Woodpussy and invite anyone and everyone to come and take part in the loving communion Woodpussy will be attending at the Barn on Friday, May 20.  May Woodpussy forgive us all.                                                                                                     ERIC SNOW     Freshman, Undeclared